My first book, originally published in January 2018.

The Way of The Vegan Meathead was written out of necessity more than anything else. After I became a competitive powerlifter in 2015, the frequency at which I was fielding questions about vegan sports nutrition became overwhelming, so I decided to try to condense my experience and wisdom about the subject into this book to help those who want to learn how to go vegan, stay vegan, and even get stronger as a vegan.

In The Way of The Vegan Meathead, I discuss my anecdotal approach to a high protein, high fat, lower-carb-than-usual vegan diet that helped me grow from being a 135-pound weakling to a 165-pound nationally-competitive powerlifter after being vegan for 10 years.

I review ample vegan protein sources ranging from natural foods, protein powders, fake meats, protein bars, supplements, and more, I show you the ways some of these protein sources are better than others–so you can learn the HOW and WHY of my strategy for vegan strength nutrition. Then I also give you the precise meal plan I have followed for the past 5 years until now. 

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