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7" EP released in November 2003 by Immigrant Sun Records, later featured on the CD/LP of The Message (2004, 2008)

Recorded and Mixed by Doyle Odom at Electric Tide Studio (Houston, TX)

Mastered by MJR at Prairie Cat Mastering

Artwork and Layout by Daniel Austin

Daniel Austin–lyrics, vocals, guitars

Eric Gibson–bass

RJ Noel–drums

Guitar solo on "Pains of Indifference" by Ryan Brown

Anthem of The Prodigal Son 

Raised too high too soon in the game 
Sowed all my seeds, still waiting for rain 
Life has come to mean writhing in pain 
But I don't regret a fucking thing... 

What a petty waste of time–your politics, your dollar signs 
Take me back to distant shores or vacant rooftops under the stars 
Where is the romance in your sterile world of suits and ties? 
If poverty of wealth means richness in soul 
Then I have been made whole 

When we die 
We are immortalized not in clouds 
But in words we dared to scream aloud 
(I scream aloud) 

This rebellion is not a phase 
I'll hate you all for the rest of my days 
Red-brick walls of false security 
The facades of your broken dreams 
The hand that feeds won't let you breathe 
Yet you run back to your cage 

When we die 
We are immortalized not in clouds 
But in the words we dared to scream aloud 
(I scream aloud) 

As you bow down to your gods... 
I renounce the world you love


Fool's Gold

What is left of our lives as we leave the marketplace 
With our store-bought dreams? 
As the sheep allow themselves to be bought and sold 
The corporate giants are taking hold 
Enslaving us to convenience and commodity 

The fool's gold we blindly treasure will soon rot and fade away 
But these words are forever here to stay: 
Buy what you want, but I will take what I fucking need 
As I try to survive in this land of greed


Pains of Indifference

The search goes on.... 
And I hope I choke on every word I wrote 
Grant that I may find peace in this world 
Peace at last, lay this weary heart to rest 
I want to be no more 

Through these days I can push on 
But I'm afraid the meaning is gone 

No longer can I bear to think 
Disenchanted by memories of countless failures 
And unrequited love 
I've been self-condemned to wander this disgusting world 
Graceless, godless, void of any faith 
Only to find nothing at the end of the rope 
I want to be no more 

Through these nights I lay in wait 
My heart burns to forget... 

Alone, alone at last, alone in this fucking world 
Is this truly what I want? 
When her eyes mean nothing to me, the stars mean nothing to me 
And I can't find the will to breathe 

The search goes on...


Believe in Nothing

Dismiss all that's wrong or right 
Only the blind see in black and white 
The cycles of cruelty have been passed down for centuries 
As our relentless pursuit of truth absolute has kept us on our knees... 

Awaiting mercy from the gods 
Or the tyranny of their laws 
Our ideas must evolve before we see their powers dissolve 
We must adapt to the harshness of our changing world 
There is no truth absolute, save for "change: subject to all" 

Reality seen differently through each and every eye 
There's no need to die for the fundamentals we've been taught 
Because no truth divine would shackle the mind 
With fear and contempt 

Disregard all you think you know 
Your beliefs are not your own 
Disregard all you think you know 
Clean the slate and begin again 

Believe in no god 
Believe in no law


Parade of Idiots

Fuck them all 
Because it's us versus them, and we are here filled to the brim 
With life and something to say 
We want more than a fashion parade 
We know your glamour hides your despair 
And I've got better things to do than fix my fucking hair 

Pop-culture at it's very best is a parade of idiots I detest 
To those puppets and those pulling their strings-- 
You'll never cheapen the songs we sing 

Artistic merit is lost when the "artist" becomes commodified 
Just another pig impaled on the cross of the almighty dollar sign 
Another puppet, a dollar whore whose words mean nothing more
Than the clothes you wear, or your fucking hair 
Do us all a favor 
Quit wasting our precious time


My Only Surrender

This is my only surrender 
I felt my walls crumble down 
Naked and vulnerable 
Afraid to embrace the light of love 

Everyday, the scars were there 
Symptoms of a subconscious fear 
I chose to walk the path of hate 
I built a cage I could not escape... 

We were dancing with daggers while staring straight into the sun
The love we had was fragile, like a loaded gun 
But I'd take one in the head for you 
If only you would see me through 
The selfish hell I willingly cast myself into 

Through a thousand nights of solitude

I longed to love 
Through a thousand night of solitude

I failed to love 

Your words of love are still haunting me 
They cripple me like a disease 
As I recall moments of true peace upon these stormy seas 
At the mercy of demons driving me, full of passion for misery 
I somehow long to be complete, but I have yet to accept defeat 

Through a thousand nights of solitude

I longed to love 
Through a thousand nights of solitude... 

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