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7" EP released June 2008 on A389 Recordings, and later released as part of an anthology CD titled Through the Valleys in Between on Still Life Records (Europe)

Recorded and Mixed by Craig Douglas at Origin Sound (Spring, TX)

Mastered by Luke Gilfeather

Daniel Austin–lyrics, vocals, rhythm guitar, 12-string guitar

Chris Gentile–lead guitar, bass
James Rynearson–drums

Steph Huskin–cello, vocal accompaniment

The Trail of Tears

I weep for lives lost and nature slain 
I weep for the murder done in the name 
Of converting all life into profit 
I weep for I fear, I know, I can't stop it 
The White Man's Burden of Globalization 
Marches on to no destination 
Reducing all life in its path 
To numbers, products, trash 

On and on, The Trail of Tears never ends 
Tribal peoples exterminated for their lands 
On and on, The Trail of Tears never ends 
Holocaust upon holocaust forged in the wake 
Of our demands 

Indoctrinated by this culture 
To consume without regard 
To who or what may have been exploited 
All that matters is if you can afford it 

On and on, The Trail of Tears never ends 
Ecosystems devastated beyond repair 
On and on, The Trail of Tears never ends 
Genocide after genocide done to the land 
That is not ours 

I weep for lives lost and for nature slain 
I weep for the murder that is done in the name 
Of converting all life into profit 
I weep because I know I'm part of it 

It never ends



I gave my all, and to no avail 
A withered soul of so few years 
A youth becoming stale 
The weight of failure and disenchantment 
The albatross around the neck 
As I gaze into the abyss, it stares right back 

Pacing, seething 
Like a beast in captivity 
Scowling out from within the cage of this society 
Clawing, gnawing 
Until claw and tooth grind thin 
Trapped inside this culture fighting wars that I can't win 

I confess: 
I dream of eternal rest 
When all of this madness ceases to be 
At last, I will be at peace 
But for now, in the interim 
The question remains of how to exist while knowing 
All efforts made for change 
Will likely be in vain 

I fear it's all in vain 

Violence swells within my veins 
As patience wanes 
There's nothing left to lose except 
The thunder in my heart 

Let it roar!


Last Recourse

It's like sticking needles in the eyes to consider what we've done 
Only a culture gone insane would destroy its home 
yet we infect the rivers with our waste 
And we drink those cancers in drunken haste 
Down to the marrow of our bones 

It's suicide! 

But if you are one guided by love 
Then you know there are deeds–deeds which must be done 
Because we have nowhere left to run 

Can't wait for the state to make amends 
Nor for the masses to comprehend 
How do you speak to a society 
Preoccupied with celebrities in times like these? 
There is no reasoning with insanity 
You'll see! 

Dissent will be vilified 
Legal action will run its course 
If we long for justice in this world 
We'll just have to make it by force

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