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Released as a demo CD-R in November 2002, then officially re-released as a 7" EP in May 2003 by United Edge Records (Canada)

Recorded and Mixed by Doyle Odom at Electric Tide Studio (Houston, TX)

Mastered by Brian Baker at Sound Arts (Houston, TX)

Daniel Austin–lyrics, vocals, guitar

Eric Gibson–bass

RJ Noel–drums

The Renaissance

I will smile in content withstanding flames of your hell 
For I will truly live each and every day on earth 
For ten thousand years religion has led us blind 
We must break the chains of our fear, 
The time has come to redeem our lives 

There will be no fire, there will be no guiding light 
And no judgement day 
Bury me in defiance 
I vow to be free in death if never free in life 

These days are like a straw to the flame 
And if there's life to live it won't be lived on our knees 
So for your sake, get up and do as you please 

Get up off your knees 

No more gods, no more masters 
No life is lived in the hereafter, so I'll live today 
Consider this the renaissance of life 
With freedom claimed as thrones of gods are set aflame


For the Pernicious Race

We are the locusts, we are the plague 
Infecting this world with our disease 
We took a pure world, assumed it was our place 
And then drowned it in concrete 

We've turned this world into a living hell 
Yet still we believe Heaven awaits us somewhere fucking else...

If we ever arrive at this "Heaven" we're waiting for 
Let us suffer the pain of being denied at the door 
These days are made long by the clocks we've made 
This world lays dead under roads we've paved 
We are the locusts 
We are the plague 

As we go ravaging field by field, we'll never get our fill 
We'll never quench our appetite 
Because we never stop to use our minds 
Use your fucking mind! 

(Fuck you, fuck me, fuck humanity!)


Begging for Blindness

In the mirror, she stares in dismay 
Could it really be that she looks this way? 
She wishes her body would fit the mold 
If only our hearts weren't so fucking cold... 

He'll embrace every image he's taught to be 
Never knowing the roots of his misery 
With eyes and fists clenched so tight, 
We're raping our own minds 

These precious moments of our lives 
Are at the mercy of fucking dollar signs 
Imprisoned by all that we own 
And every image we desire to clone 

So I beg for blindness in 
This world where we're shown what to be 
Begging for blindness to erase this disease– 
Let's burn each image we cannot achieve 

We must erase this disease


The Tortured Role

I'll gladly play the tortured role 
Hating you makes me whole 
It's hatred that gets me through these nights 
To see tomorrow, to live and spite 
I disconnect your corrupted world 
I wave goodbye as I pull the cord 
The deathwish finally answered for the faceless hordes 

Because I'm fucking through playing your roles... 

As you wake each day to face the life that you fucking hate 
The hands of time take their toll 
Now you're the living dead 
So you run the race, chasing your plastic dreams 
Is that the life you want for me? 
You have failed to see I don't want your fucking life 

I'll choose to suffer because in pain I'm alive 
This is my vow to never cover my eyes 
And though I may not like the truths I find 
This is one truth that I cannot deny: 

No life is lived on life's terms 
(So I'll do what I want until I fucking die)

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