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7" EP released April 2014 by Headfirst! Records (USA), Vegan Records (South America)

Recorded and Mixed by Craig Douglas at Origin Sound (Spring, TX) as part of the Chosen Path sessions
Mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege)

Artwork and Layout by Daniel Austin

Daniel Austin–lyrics, vocals, rhythm guitar
Chris Gentile–lead guitar
Eric Gibson–bass
Daniel "Wendel" Lopez–drums


Wash the scum from our streets 
And out of our capitols 
Let them rot in poverty 
To know the pain they've dealt 
Dehumanized by demons adorned 
In suits and ties, wielding a cross 
Ruling without reason 
Guided by a faith perverted 

A new dark era has arrived 
Superstitious times 
Witch hunts 
Increasingly hostile climes 

Our hearts break 
For those to be born to broken, loveless homes 
The women not free to decide 
The lovers who fear for their lives 

A new dark era, old and white 
Superstitious Right 
Of individual rights–take them back! 

Clamoring in the streets 
We will not be denied 
Time has come to wash the scum 
Forever to the side 

Some fates are worse than death 
But they can't empathize 
No compassion in their laws 
They serve themselves 

Some fates are worse than death: 
Loss of autonomy 
Some fates are worse than death: 
Living in fear 

Wash away the scum


Alive With Madness

I spent the sleepless nights of youth alive with madness 
With only concern for the truth, I walked this world alone 

Nothing could suffice this hateful heart of mine 
Be it blessing, or be it curse, to live with open eyes... 

From the ashes of awareness I can only rise


Drawn in Quarters

Welcome to hell–life with open eyes 
Nails driven in with each cursed sight 
IlIumination exacts a painful price 
The less I have, the more I know 
Cliches never rang so true 
There are daggers in the smiles of the men who build this world 

And I have reached the threshold of despair 
A pebble in the sea, why do I fucking care? 
Through all my screams for change, all I've found is pain 
I long to slit the throats of those who choose to choke 

To walk among the fallen angels and their long forgotten plans 
To stand entirely alone 
Filled with purpose and desire, unlike those human shells 
Even angels must endure their own hidden hells 

So we push on through the devastation 
Complacently as slaves to our creation 
Why would you run in place if you could set the pace? 
It's time to slit the throats of those who choose to choke... 

Bound by human nature 
Our minds tied to the human world 
Can we not see the madness unfurled? 
Drawn in quarters, torn between life and death, love and hate 
To die in slavery or rise and break the chains 

Face the flames

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