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CD/Digital EP released January 2018 by Good Fight Music

Recorded and Mixed by Allan Davis (Murder on Tape, Houston, TX)

Assistant/Drum Engineering by Tim Walker
Mastered by Alan Douches (West West Side Music)

Artwork by Pig Hands

Daniel Austin–lyrics, vocals
Allan Davis–rhythm and lead guitar

Rogelio Vigil–lead guitar

Michael Arellano–drums

Eric Gibson–bass

Seasons of Grief

Weep for the stars aligned 
Then died 
Night after night after night 
After night 

A carcass of dreams now rots beside me 
I keep clutching and crying and pleading 

”Don’t leave me here 
Oh, don’t leave me, dear 
The world’s so much colder 
After all that we’ve shared” 

Awakened from a dream of enchantment 
To birds of prey tearing out my spleen 
”You stole the fire, son, now regret it 
Did you really think there’d be no price to pay?” 
My hands are chained, been castrated 
Displays of rage won’t change a thing 

All that’s left for me is to 
Until I can’t 
Until I can’t bleed anymore 

A faithless man most of my life 
Now imploring indifferent skies 
”Oh, some unknown god above, 
Save me!” 

I don’t want to be seen in this state of grovelling 
Attempting to bargain against fate 
Save me 
Save me, oh please save me… 
I need love 

I’m emptied out 

A carcass of dreams now rots beside me 
But I keep clutching and crying and pleading 
Through seasons of grief


Invitation to Burn

Followed my bliss to forsaken lands 
Now my bliss is gone 
Hell to pay beyond the flames of lust 
No love goes unpunished 

Warning, warning 
Can you trust another human being? 
Warning, warning 
Fuck it, love is worth everything 

Blessed moments of self-forgetting 
Stole us away from life’s pain 
We lost ourselves in the rapture of passion 
The drug of all drugs 

I’ll reach for you, forever and ever 
A home is kept for you in my mind 
You can never be replaced, my love 
I’ll be sure to keep the top lock undone 
Even if you never return 

Followed my bliss to forsaken lands 
Now my bliss is gone 
Hell to pay beyond the flames of lust 
An invitation to burn forever 

No love goes unpunished 

Emotions will betray us 
Emotions will estrange us 

I choose–to burn for you 
I choose–to burn until there’s nothing left 
To lose–to burn for you 
To love 

Take my hand and burn with me


The God for Which We Suffer

The pain you bring me 
Is the pain I’ve been wanting 

A terror 
that accompanies the joy 
of being found 

The the risk and the panic 
of gaining and losing 
all you have ever hoped for 

The sting of being shaken, 
and potentially broken... 

Don’t worry about the pain, love 
There’ll be more to take it all away 
Pain eats pain eats pain 
Alone or together, no escape 

Love is a god for which we suffer 
Lonely, possessive, full of needs 
A divine presence we find in each other 
Like god, destined to leave 

Lured in by mystery 
Siren singing to me 
Anchor that you need 
To become one 

Only to fall apart 
Become worse than before 
Broken - our home and hearts 
Two become none 

What secrets do you keep 
Behind your locked doors? 
Confess to me, I’ll be 
Forever yours 

I kneel before you 
Have mercy on me 
Vulnerable and human 
So disappointingly… 

Let me in 
Give me more 
Let you in 
Need your warmth 

A lonely god beside you 
Only seeks home inside you 

I still hear you call my name 
From the top of the stairs 
I come to you, arms outstretched 
When I arrive you aren’t there 
As I feel love and youth slip through my grasp 
And again 
And again 

Oh Love, please relieve the sadness 
Of our tragic human condition (perdition) 

Oh Love, please redeem the sorrow 
Of our human tragic disposition (sedition) 

Oh Love, please bring salvation 
More than ever, we need an illusion

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