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Self-released August 2019, internet single

Recorded and Mixed by Allan Davis (Nerve Audio, Houston, TX)

*Drums recorded at Murder on Tape Audio by Kenny Gardner
Mastered by Allan Davis

Artwork by Jake Ballesteros

Daniel Austin–lyrics, vocals
Allan Davis–rhythm and lead guitar

Rogelio Vigil–lead guitar

Michael Arellano–drums

Eric Gibson–bass

Defective Machines

Never meant to work
Never made to last
Try to make it work
Try to make it last

Primal urges bring us together
In frenzies of lust
Chemical surges taint our judgment
With illusions of trust

But soon we find ourselves alone
Victims of a flawed design

Weeping beside
Embers that died
A fire that burned through and through
Now once again
Rise from the ruin
Kindle the flame that will consume

Primal echoes resounding
Needs for connection we can't contain
Wires crossed and combusting
The cruelest trick ever to be played

Try and we try and we try
To see things through...

But deadness creeps
In as we sleep
Now wake in this bed of resentment
I needed you
You needed me, too
Nature just needs us for an instant

Primal forces controlling
Emotions from sources we don't comprehend
Wires crossed and combusting
We may as well dance to love's end

Remember when we felt so alive?
I think I vaguely do
I've watched myself fall in your eyes
As you've been falling too

And you ask if it will happen again
My dear, you know...
It's not "if" but "when"

We were born defective machines

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