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CANE FIELD (Novel, eBook)

CANE FIELD (Novel, eBook)




A novel. Cane Field, a coming-of-age story with its origins set in suburban Houston, TX. 

Cane Field is the tale of a young musician going through existential crises of desire and values, who reaches out to his high school crush in an attempt to seek closure for the shared disappointments of their youth, but his attempt to reconnect is stifled by the sudden shock of her father's suicide.

This novel was partly inspired by my early years as a touring musician and shares true-to-life stories I experienced while on the road in both Finer Truth and Die Young. In doing so, Cane Field portrays the duality of a musician's life–from the deeply vulnerable shadows of their inner emotional life to the very public show the performer must put on to be a light for others. 

285 pages

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