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TOOTH AND CLAW "Dream of Ascension" LP/CD – OUT NOW! Here's all you need to know...

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Over a year ago, just as the quarantine measures were going into effect all over the world, I got an email from the original vegan straight edge riff-master himself, Scott Crouse of Earth Crisis. He asked me if I would be down to check out some new songs he was working on for a new band he would like me to sing for. It was a surreal moment for me, of course, and I didn't hesitate to jump on the opportunity. Scott and I then got to work on making this album immediately from that point on. As I type this, a solid year-plus of collaboration and a shared labor of love is over–Tooth and Claw's debut full-length Dream of Ascension is here!

Translucent pink vinyl with gold swirl – available through Good Fight Music

Here is all you need to know about listening to and purchasing "Dream of Ascension":

  1. Preview the album, save it to your favorite streaming app (Spotify, Apple, Bandcamp, etc.), and order the album here: *Please note that you can order vinyl and CDs worldwide via the above link. If ordering from Europe, there is a European customer option to order through Deathwish Europe. North American orders go through the Good Fight store.

  2. We had some cool, exclusive music media coverage for the release. Check out these articles/reviews in Decibel, Brooklyn Vegan, No Echo, Heaviest of Art, An Attitude Exhumed, New Noise Magazine, V13. Other print and online features are in process, so I will update this list as they are published.

  3. Scott and I have also been making the podcast rounds to talk about the making of the album. Look up the following podcasts for fun discussions about the backstory of Dream of Ascension: Getting It Out podcast (Pennsylvania), The Mosh Zone (Australia), Ill Street News (Philadelphia), Sick of Being Sober podcast (Arizona).

  4. Merch is also available in the Good Fight Music webstore at a discounted price to celebrate the release. We got to work with some killer international artists on these shirt designs, too!

The spread. Just beautiful, ain't it?

"Yearning for Oblivion" t-shirt (back print) by the man known as "Pig Hands" from Macedonia

Dream of Ascension t-shirt (front print) by XRaf the MightX (Poland)

And of course, Philadelphia-based Jeremy Hush did us the honor of crafting the cover art:

For more press inquiries for Tooth and Claw, please email: To book Tooth and Claw in the coming months, please email: I will be sure to keep this page updated with more articles, interviews, reviews, podcasts, etc., as they continue to roll in, so please check back at your leisure.

A major thank you to all involved in helping us make this record, especially Rick and Carl at Good Fight Music for sinking some major investment into this release during a pandemic.

This is a beginning.


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