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It's been silent on my front lately, I know. The pandemic shut me in, like most of us, and Die Young's shows for the year have either been postponed or canceled so far, but the silence is finally ready to be broken, as I have been busy in the studio these past couple months with not one, but two (!) music projects, and now the first one is ready to unveil to you. Introducing: MAINLÄNDER

MAINLÄNDER is a project born of my growing love for folk music and the power of its simplicity. Unfortunately, I can't sing for a goddamn, so I am recreating folk songs in the only way I know how: by making them hardcore punk songs! Mainländer takes folk and Americana classics, and then reshapes them as I imagine Lemmy of Motorhead and Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, Disfear) would play them. It's a lot of fun to play with, in terms of transforming the original versions, as well as just playing and recording these songs.

Mainländer Volume I: Songs of Exile will premier right here on my website next week, and this first batch of songs is compromised of Johnny Cash's "Thirteen" (originally written and later performed by Danzig), and the modern classic "Desolate Hour" by King Dude. Maybe you will recognize the songs, or maybe you won't. The thing about folk music I love is that it strikes deep chords in the collective conscious, so either way, I think you're definitely going to feel these. Now, of course I did mention I have a second musical project in the works. I am not ready to reveal all of its details just yet, but I can say it is easily one of the most exciting things I have ever been involved in, as it involves collaboration with members of some of my favorite bands from the 90s. Come back next week for the Mainländer premiere, stay connected, and learn more.


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