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New In-Depth INTERVIEW about CANE FIELD on Idioteq!

Check out the new interview about CANE FIELD, Die Young, and more on!

"I’ve spent most of my adult life among starving musicians and passionate activists, and I still experienced a lot of alienation growing up, as I think most punks and metalheads have. Even the higher rungs of society have their outsiders. By my teenage years, I didn’t identify with sports culture, or religion, mainstream music, or with most people at school, and so on. I grew up in the middle of society, but still felt on the fringe. I didn’t have many mechanisms for connection with the bulk of people around me, and most people who do have some of those mechanisms for connection with their culture (their modern tribe) simply don’t identify with that sense of alienation I’ve built upon in my music, and now in my writing–they may instead feel as if they do belong in church or school, or get a cathartic sense of belonging in sports culture, especially when their home team wins. Financial success and attracting partners may come easy to them. It’s fair to say that kind of success just isn’t typical of most people who find punk and hardcore, or most people who spend years of their lives playing independent music or working for non-profits that aim to change the world, if I am to speak generally. These people are more driven by discontent than other people. That is me and a lot of people I know, for sure. Now, in my novel, Cane Field, I am not necessarily condemning the mainstream. I am just portraying the experience of a different kind of person, just for being what it is and with the intention of conveying no more pretense than that."


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