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FAILED MISANTHROPE is available for pre-order!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Welcome to the site! It's nice to finally have it done and share with you. I am also happy to announce that my second poetry collection, Failed Misanthrope, is now available for pre-order in my webstore:

If you enjoyed my first collection, The Lonely God Inside You, you ought to enjoy this new collection, as you know roughly what to expect from me in this mode of expression. If you don't have The Lonely God Inside You yet, I have included an option to purchase it with your Failed Misanthrope pre-order for a discount package price. If you do order the discount pre-order package with both books, they will ship together once I have the new title ready to ship in a few weeks. There will be no digital copies made available for my poetry books–they will always be in print ONLY. It is my firm belief that trees must be cut down for emotive writing, so you can touch these ideas. It is the only proper way to experience this kind of writing, Planet Earth be damned. At least you can recycle this stuff when you're over it.


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